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The Difference is in the Details

We want to become your organization's strategic partner. We recognize that your event is an important opportunity to introduce new donors to your cause and communicate the importance of your programs and services.

Since 1988, National Fundraising Solutions has provided state-of-the-art benefit auction fundraising services. We have raised millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations across the United States and around the world. Our philosophy is to assist your organization in designing a fun dynamic environment for competitive giving that is exciting and profitable.

A frequently asked question is, "Why hire a professional benefit auctioneer?" With so much riding on the success of your event, a professional benefit auctioneer is an investment that will yield higher profits on an ongoing basis.

Respectfully, ask yourself this question: If you were going to hire a surgeon would you hire the surgeon who charges by the inch? We know that our professional auctioneers raise more money and are one of the wisest investments you can make for your event. It's not about calling bids, but engaging your audience, communicating your cause and the importance of the donations guests are making while entertaining the audience.

We take the risk and stress out of fundraising events by generating more publicity, more energy, smooth-running events and higher revenue for your organization.
We provide you and your committee with expertise, professionalism and above all else...peace of mind. With our proven results, your guests will bid enthusiastically, be entertained, and leave smiling even more committed to your cause. Best of all, you will be overjoyed with your event's record-setting financial results.

Our Mission is clear

We strive to out-perform all others when it comes to providing benefit auction services. We accomplish this through a unique bouquet of strategies.

We challenge ourselves to be the leading provider of benefit auction solutions, creating more value for our clients.
Our creative thinking constantly challenges what worked for our clients yesterday, applying those concepts to an even better solution today and tomorrow.

Client satisfaction and exceeding expectations are the only measures of our success.
The constant pursuit of excellence is what we are all about.

Experience the National Fundraising Solutions Difference

"Taking a passionate approach to exceeding a client's goals is our top priority. Establishing a close bond with every client, combined with our proven ability to provide concierge quality service is what separates National Fundraising Solutions from its contemporaries.

It will be my pleasure to spend more time with you discussing your goals. Whether you are interested in event planning, auctioneer talent or turn-key gala management, please contact me and let us evaluate your program and how we can benefit you and your organization."

Renee Jones, International Champion Auctioneer

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