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You are new to fundraising auctions or
Your auction revenue has reached a plateau or
your events have become stale or
Few guests are participating and many are leaving early or
The event is just dragging on and on or
Your organization is just are not making enough money for all of the effort being put into the event...

Then, let us help!

We provide personal high-touch service from start to finish. How do we do it? By recognizing that the process begins with impeccable preparation, marketing and finally day of the event implementation. We do it by:

EXPERIENCE - Certified Benefit Auctioneer Renee Jones has raised hundreds of millions of dollars over her twenty-nine years for non-profit organizations through energetic techniques and cutting edge technology.

We have provided talent for the smallest organization to the largest international charities breaking prior fundraising records while guests have fun donating money to the worthwhile causes they support.

ASSESSMENT National Fundraising Solutions consultative approach begins with understanding your organization, the event and the desired results. We then assist with creating an entire process to achieve your goals. The results can be measured by hard numbers – increased revenue and profit and in developing a loyal donor following.

STRATEGY Our goal is to create excitement and competitive giving while making your fundraiser a "can't miss event."

PLANNING Our team's infectious enthusiasm and professionalism will help your organization overcome those unexpected challenges in planning for a successful event.

DEVELOPMENT Successful auction items must be conceived, solicited and then packaged in a manner that maximizes desirability. The items must be described in compelling marketing materials to excite bidders. The order of the items in the auction together with the proper starting bids and bidding increments is key raising your profitability.

IMPLEMENTATION It takes the right talent to motivate the audience to compete and bid enthusiastically. Often organizations believe the way to increase revenue in a benefit auction is to use a volunteer such as a member of the organization, a celebrity or local personality or they are simply comfortable with keeping last year's auctioneer.

From set-up to shutdown, from reservations to event checkout, and from performance monitoring to report generation, we will be there for you!

Further, we are an insured, licensed and bonded organization, providing professionalism and quality at every auction event.

SUCCESS After a successful event, we are not finished. Event data should not stored in a shoebox and then provided to next year's committee. We provide auction metrics related to bidding activity and item popularity. This data is provided in a manner that leads to optimizing future auction results through best practices, item selection, packaging and promotion, identification of trends, optimal bid levels, bid increments, and overall event structure.

We look forward to impressing even the toughest and most experienced critics. We are eager to speak with you and discuss our techniques for increasing revenue for your organization's next event.

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 In the ever challenging and competitive fundraising world, hiring the right professionals insures your event is a smashing success!


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