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You have worked with our organization for several years now. This, however, is my first year running our annual school auction. I want to thank you for taking the time to discuss the process, give suggestions, and help me with the software.


Everything ran smooth-from check-in to the time people were leaving. I love that there were essentially no line waiting to get into the event. It really makes a difference having the software set up ahead of time and your staff there to welcome each person as they enter. And, because you had already swiped their credit cards at check-in, everyone was free to leave when they wanted! They did not have to stop back to check-out at the end of the night.


Also, the idea to have donation amounts on the back of the bid cards is so great too! I had one many walk up to me and hand me his bid card and said to charge him $500! I know that your staff were also able to ask people that were leaving if they would like to make a donation and they were able to get over $3,000 more!

Overall, everyone had a great time, the party was a great success and we had another record-breaking auction!
Thanks for everything!


-- Event Chair, A Public Elementary School

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"We had another record breaking auction!

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