National FUndraising Solutions

Support and Operations

National Fundraising Solutions is the leading operational support provider for fundraising events throughtout the country.  When it comes to the day of your event, our trained professional staff and the right equipment makes all the difference in how smoothly everything runs for you and your guests.
We can provide all of your staffing and equipment needs.

Trained and Experienced Staffing
    •    Professional Fundraising Auctioneers
    •    Professional Fundraising Bid Spotters
    •    Consultants
    •    Account Managers
    •    Event Managers
    •    On-Site Guest Registration & Checkout Staff
    •    Silent Auction Management
    •    Trained Software Operators
    •    Data Entry Staff

Operational Equipment Rentals
    •    Laptop Computers
    •    Tablets
    •    Desktop Printers
    •    Routers and Internet Access
    •    Projectors and Flatscreens
    •    Sound Systems
    •    Themed Signage Design & Production

Do-It-Yourself Training
    •    Do-it-Yourself Consultation and Advisory Services
    •    Do-it-Yourself Staff Training
    •    Do-it-Yourself Software Training and Support

Give us a call today to discuss the full scope of our services and how we can take your business to the highest level of success!

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