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Today there are a number of methods of increasing donations that can be incorporated with fundraising events. Not only are there the traditional live and silent auction opportunities but a wide varieties of options where we can add our experience and expertise to make your event stand out and have the personality you and your members seek and will call a success.

Fundraising Ideas:

Paddles Up! – The concept of a fundraising donation tied to an event is far from new. Most events do this in some manner from cards on the tables, to an appeal from the stage but what makes the difference is the planning of such a strategy. How should the cause be presented, what should be requested in terms of donation amounts and how do you motivate guests to raise their paddles and feel the energy of the event to break last years benchmark.

Mobile Bidding – There are a number of electronic bidding options that can be incorporated into your event. We will provide you our experience as to what works to create more excitement, less work for staff and where the cost is less than the benefit.

On-Line Pre-Event Bidding – Another opportunity today is to tie pre-auction bidding over the internet to your event. We can share how this works and when there is a benefit to combining such events.

Raffles – Raffles sound like a tried and true concept but the techinque is in selecting the right items, the pricing of chances and how it is presented.

Guest Participation - We are advocates of making your event fun for your guests and profitable for the cause. We incorporate various guest participation opportunities into the event which are additional revenue generators.

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